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Most of us are born with perfect feet. A lifetime of wear and tear, medical conditions and injuries, and ill-fitting shoes all contribute to aching feet, ankles and backs. Fortunately, solutions to these problems are available. 

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Dr. Basso is a St. Louis native board-certified Podiatrist and treats a variety of foot problems.

Foot Massage

Diabetic Foot Care

All diabetics should have their feet examined annually in order to avoid:

- Ulcerations


- Nerve Damage

-Vascular Disease

Fun Patterned Socks

General Foot Ailments

Dr. Basso treats everyday foot ailments such as:

-Ingrown toenails

- Toenail Infections

- Bunions


- Heel pain

-Athlete's Foot

-Skin Conditions

- Injury or trauma

Standing on a Ball

Sports Medicine

Dr. Basso can help get you back to your favorite activities by treating your

- Anke Sprains/ Strains / Breaks

- Custom Bracing,

- Orthotics

-Corrective Surgery 


On-site Podiatry

Experience the convenience of visiting the foot doctor without leaving your workplace.

-No Cost to the company

-Employee Insurance is Billed

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